Coding Guides

When I am not creating games, I try to help out other creators with coding questions for Twine, specifically SugarCube. In an effort to give back to the community, and help newcomers finding information more easily, I have put together some guides, templates and resource lists.

The Guides

With a focus on the SugarCube format of Twine, four coding guides are available for perusal:

  • a general SugarCube Guide, covering a majority of the format's documentation, and organised by coding proficiency.
  • a transitional guide from ChoiceScript to SugarCube, to help users wanting to move from one format to the other more easily.
  • a general Tweego Guide, for users needing the Tweego compiler to customise their project in a way Twine cannot.
  • an extensive Character Creator Template, which showcases what could be done to set up a Player Character.

While you can visualise the guides on this website, they are also available for download on itch. I have also answered SugarCube questions on Tumblr.


Since Summer 2022, I have been releasing templates for SugarCube, with most focusing on the visual aspect of game making in Twine. These templates all contains annotations, and style guides to showcase its capabilities. They can either be used as is, or customised as wished.

Twine Resources:

While Twine is quite a popular program to create interactive fiction,its resources are parsed throughout the internet. I set out to collect those bits and pieces and create a centralised point.