Below are miscellaneous projects and works, some Interactive Fiction, some code-focused pieces, some only textual. Most of the listed projects were created for jams.

Interactive Fictions

Unlike the projects listed in the other tabs, the games below are more on the short side, experiments with programs, or personal pieces.

À la Campagne (2023)

All is calm in the countryside.

Follow a day in the life of Céleste, a young girl spending her holidays at her grandparents' in the countryside, while she struggles with her feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

À la Campagne is a short personal interactive piece, heavily inspired by events from my childhood, and used as a way to process some things.


Clarence Street, 14 (2023)

... what if someone sees her?

Leya looked furtively around her... Clarence Street, 14, was just ahead.

Clarence Street, 14 is a short knitetic piece, created for the Neo Twiny Jam and the 2022 Fuck Capitalism Jam, written and coded in 3h, using annotation as its interactivity.


Dévoiement (2023)

Ca satané village de Sainte-Catherine!!

A tiny End-of-Year themed piece about frustrating road deviation.

Dévoiement is an experimental piece, created for the Partim500, using the deviation theme to send the player on a wild goosechase.


Intersigne (2023)

The signs were all there...

A short rewind on a doomed relationship.

Intersigne is a short interactive story, created for the Neo Twiny Jam, the Anti-Romance Jam, and the Nouvim3000. It uses the concept of 'Intersign' to subvert the theme of romance.


Le Jeu de La Dévotion (2022)

Are you devoted enough to play it through and through?

An experimental short piece about devotion.

Le Jeu de la Dévotion is an experimental piece, created for the Partim500, using the theme of devotion, to test the player's.


The Dinner (2023)

Eat... at your own risk...

An eerie foodie experience.

The Dinner is a short interactive story, created for the Single Choice Jam, and the Orifice Jam, using the restrictive gameplay to create an eerie food experience.


Tower of Sleep (2023)

Tormenting dreams...

A binksi surreal experiment with minimal agency.

Tower of Sleep is a short binksi prototype created for the 2023 Edition of the Two-Button Jam, restricting gameplay to only 2 buttons. Most of the experience happens inside a dream, with an eerie atmosphere.


Free Assets

100% Good Templates (2022-) ~ Periodical Releases

100% Free 105% Good (not a scam)

Currently only available for Twine (SugarCube), the templates are meant to provide creators with an alternative visual of the Built-In interface, or further accessible elements (Settings).


Prompts (2023-) ~ Periodical Releases

Free to Use Ideas

Too many ideas, not enough time to implement them. So I'm offering them up for free to whomever would like to tackle them!



An Ode to Pissaladière (2023)

I was told zines should be about thing I feel strongly about. So I made one about Pissaladière.

An Ode to Pissaladière is my first ever attempt at making a zine. I chose one of my favourite dish as its topic, and made it while being homesick. Includes the recipe to make it.

Check Zine...


This is a manual for a lost game (lost media), found in an abandoned box at the end of a flee market.

CTRL+SHIFT+ZUT+ALORS is a short zine dealing with themes of unreality, strange technologies and lost media. The Zine is available in both English and French, and comes with additional feelies.

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