... what if someone sees her?

Leya looked furtively around her... Clarence Street, 14, was just ahead.


Clarence Street, 14 is a short knitetic piece, created for the Neo Twiny Jam and the 2022 Edition of the Fuck Capitalism Jam, written and coded in 3h. As there are no available choices, the entry uses annotated popups to provide interactivity, as well as complementary information without breaking the flow of the story.

This piece can be thought more as a raw character study about a person stuck in a tough situation rather than an actual game.

With this piece, I also tested a more kinetic approach of Interactive Fiction, as well as a different method to include interactivity through the annotation.


I liked how the tension built, and I liked how things seemed legitimately different after the reveal, which felt more than fair and logical. I saw the character in a different light, definitely.

- Andrew Schultz

This is beautiful! The twist at the ending was genuinely unexpected, but very heartfelt, and it was a feeling I could relate to a lot. The theme of capitalism making people feel bad for asking for help and being seen is an excellent choice for this.

- ofbleedingink