Crimson Rose & White Lily

Will you discover how you got here?

Waking up in a strange place, among strangers, and without any memory, you must learn to navigate this new world, its inhabitants, and its intrigues... and maybe find friends along the way.

Crimson Rose & White Lily is an ongoing interactive court intrique story, set in a fantasy world inspired by the Victorian Era and the 18th century French Court, in which the player must navigate a world they have no recollection of.

First announced during Summer 2021, this projects is in the first of 5 planned Acts, each including a dozens of Scenes. The demo is being updated sporadically, until all Acts are released. Each new update provides the player with new elements and potential resolution of intrigues.

The current demo has reached a total of over 136.000 words.


Full character customization: appearance, gender, pronouns, sexuality.

Puzzles and investigation.

Court intrigues and plots to uncover.

Build relationships with other characters and romance options (4).