An Eggscelent Preparation

Clio, the pretty milkmaid had been organising a special day for the past weeks, one to celebrate the anniversary of your first date. But you won't arrive empty handed...

Entre-d’œufs coquilles is a slice-of-life light-hearted text-adventure, in a parser-choice hybrid, as it includes both text command interactions and choice-options. The game aimed to explore different interactive puzzle options in a parser.

First created in French for La Sens Dessus Dessous, a game-jam where participants had to include randomly picked topics and concepts in a game coded with previously unused by the creator program (here: Adventuron). The game was then translated and extended in English for the 2023 Edition of the Text Adventure Literacy Jam, a competition whose goal is to create parser adventure games for new players.

As a real first-time try into parser territory, the game has received praise for its complexity, its humour, and its puzzles.


It's far more polished than most 'first' entries, and it was one of the most rich and well-written TALJ games I played.

- Brian Rushton

It's a good size for a first parser game, and it does a good job of funneling the player into what they should do when presenting them with an interesting task, one where I thought "does that really work? That's neat."

- Andrew Schultz

The history of the eggs was a nice addition to the story as well as the puzzles, and I liked that there were multiple endings. By the way, I made sure to pet all the animals.

- T.H. Tyr

The entry followed all constraints set for La Sens Dessus Dessous and received a golden medal.
The game ranked 6th overall at the Text Adventure Literacy Jam, with a score of 3.5/5, and 4th in the Writing category, with a score of 3.88/5.