Exquisite Cadaver

A Surrealist Interactive Game!

Set in the 1920s in Paris, three artists share some drinks, gossip, and an afternoon, trying out a new game: the exquisite cadaver.

Exquisite Cadaber is a surrealist interactive game, whose gameplay is based on the French game cadavre exquis, a creative game where players build a sentence word by word, while unaware of the other players' addition.

This project was first created for the 14th Edition of the Fortnightly Fiction Jam, during which a game needed to be completed in 14 days. That version included a 2.000 words story, and an Endless Mode.

Since Summer 2022, the game has been undergoing re-writes, expanding the story and personalising each of the 30 rounds.
The current demo includes 9 of the planned 30 rounds, as well as an updated UI (which became a free template). The rest of the story is set to be released when completed.

The game includes some French words and sentences, whose translation is provided in-passage.

The Jam version is still available for download on Itch, and GitHub.