The signs were all there...

A short rewind on a doomed relationship.

Intersigne is a short interactive story, created for the Neo Twiny Jam, the Anti-Romance Jam, and the Nouvim3000. I took advantage of the complimentary constraints of these jams to frame this, with the limited wordcount of 500 words (English), and both 'Intersigne' and 'Anti-Romance' as themes. The romance doomed from the start was told through flashbacks.

While these helped the writing of the story, I decided the add an extra constraint for myself, and put together this short game by testing a new coding program: INK. Since this format works best for hyperlink IF games, it fit perfectly this project.


I like how the timeline winds backwards to the pivotal moment, and that detail at the end is a haunting culmination of all the strife you see in the couple's future... Tragic tale indeed.


Une Histoire émouvante, et tres bien narrée.

- myth_onirie