Will you light a fire in the Sparks' heart?

Among the important milestones of a relationship, meeting your partner's family for the first time might be the most stressful. Will your manners be up to par? Or will you make a fool of yourself?

Meeting the Parents was my first attempe at creating an Interactive Fiction game, as well as coding in Twine. The original version, which was submitted to the Twine Survival Jam took about a month to complete.

With its sarcastic humour and comforting story, the game reached 4th place in the Twine Survival Jam.

Since its first release, the game was translated in French, saw its UI updated, and its story expanded. Further accessibility settings, including keybinding for keyboard use, were also included.


This was very well written. The part about giving a firm handshake made me laugh, because it reminded me of all the advice I got growing up about men being judged by the firmness of their grip.

- RynGM

Not only did I love the writing style, I also adorned all the little moments of humor and sweetness.

- ssagolj

The humour is very vibrant and the first two endings are truly something.

- vileido

Impeccable humor sprinkled with sarcasm.

- Heli N.