Cursed? Healthy? Fancy? Which dish will you make?

After a difficult breakup, and a long night of drinking, you decide to take your life back and put things back in order. Starting with a simple meal. Treat yourself!

Not Another Sad Meal is a short slice-of-life cooking simulator in a parser form, made in Adventuron for the Recipe Jam and the SeedComp!.

To ease playthrough for new parser players, the objects are not only highlighted by can be clicked on to trigger an action. The game also includes an in-game and downloadable walkthrough, as well as short recipes of each mentioned dishes.


Loved the details. I played again to find hidden messages in red herrings. It’s very engaging.✨ Cooking can be really a form of self—healing.

- zeno pillan

This game includes content warnings for mentions of: alcoholism, depression, fights, bad eating habits, (bad) food.