Braving through dangerous star systems for a paycheck...

Play as the eponymous P-Rix, a space trucker on a mission to deliver a strange cargo to an as-mysterious Mr. E. Unfortunately for him, the voyage won't be as simple as he had planned...

P-Rix: Space Trucker is an ongoing slice-of-life interactive game sert in deep space, created for the Two-Button Jam and the Twine Sci-Fi Jam.

With a mix of Binary Choices and Quick-Time-Events, the game is built around puzzles, resource management, and exploration. The project was so far praised for its enhancing visuals and ease of play.

The game was nominated for the 2022 IFDB Awards in the categories Outstanding Science-Fiction Game and Outstanding Twine Game.


This was really good! Well-written, with some exciting „avoid the horrible death” choices. The styling is great – obviously, a lot of effort went into it – and the two-button input worked really well for me!

- Agnieszka Trzaska

I liked the sense of danger and urgency that is conveyed right from the start. Makes for a compelling story. I was really impressed with how visual elements are used to tell the story.

- Kinetic Mouse Car

Honestly, I'm not much of a sci-fi fan, but P-Rix was very enjoyable to read and play even for someone in my category. Not having a whole bunch of space lore-dumping from the start and the main character being so relatable helped a lot.

- jsword