100% Good Twine SugarCube Templates

The super-free scam that keeps on giving...

This is a joke - it's just lines of code to make pretty Twine games.

Since Summer 2022, I have made available templates for Twine SugarCube, free of use, for any IF creators wanting to change the visual of their project without having to build it from scratch. This is an ongoing project, as I plan on releasing new templates until I have run out of aesthetics.
Most templates have been used in one of my projects.

Each template is ready-to-use, easy-to-edit, annotated, and always available on itch.io. Every template includes explanation for codes in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and TwineScrip. Users can choose between two download points: the full Zip folder with Twee files, or the simple HTML file.

Templates Availabe:

  • Simple Book Temaplate (landscape-orientation)
  • One Page Template (portrait-orientation)
  • Settings Template (most requested/used settings)
  • Space-Tech UI Template (portrait-orientation)
  • VN-lite RPG Template (portrait-orientation)
  • Title Page Template (all use)
  • Character Creator Template (common PC traits and interactivity)

Other Downloadables:

  • a Ready-to-Use Tweego Compiler: with a Guide on Tween Notation, Tweego installation, and compiling into HTML
  • a ChoiceScript to SugarCube transition Guide (incl. Tweego)
  • a SugarCube Guide (all macros/APIs per user level)

Before using the templates, it is recommended you change the IFID of the file.

All templates are availbe under the CC-BY licence.