The Ritual awaits...

Are you ready to make your choice? The one that will shape the rest of your life? Or will regret the roads not taken?

The Roads Not Taken is a sci-fi parser game created for the 2023 Edition of the Spring Thing. It was my first time ever creating a parser game, and I challenged myself further by making this parser in Twine, a known non-parser program.

The game garnered attention for this Parser-in-Twine experiment, sharp graphic, and intriguing and mysterious setting. It received special accolades: BIGGEST STAKES SINGLE CLICK, LOVELIEST UI, BEST USE OF MEDIUM.


Making your own parser is a fraught thing, and many people have tried and failed over the years. This one is better than many I've seen. I liked the overall story, and found it fun. I ended with a pretty big surprise in my playthrough, which was good.

- Brian Rushton

I do think the trail this game blazes, of adding parser capability to Twine, is a pretty cool one. I could see future efforts leveraging the expanded interface to good effect. It is this game authorship achievement that I find most compelling here.

- JJ McC

I admire the author’s bravery for trying to implement a parser in Twine.

- Vivienne Dunstan