Mix some drinks, talk to patrons, collect coins!

Become a bartender to fund your dreams, serving the Thick Table tavern's patrons, and maybe change their lives...

The Thick Table Tavern is a fantasy slice-of-life interactive bartending game, made in Twine for the 2022 Edition of the IFComp. Thanks to its visuals during the bartending experience, the player is able to mix drinks (for better or for worse).

The game currently features two modes: Story Mode and Arcade Mode. The Story Mode includes 6 different endings and 3 difficulty levels, while the Arcade Mode, where the player may mix drinks to their heart's content, includes 3 types (Endless, Perfection, Timed).

The Thick Table Tavern placed 37th at the IFComp, and was nominated during the 2022 IFDB Awards in the categories: Outstanding Use of Interactivity, Outstanding Fantasy Game and Outstanding Twine Game.


definitely a game I would recommend. Whether you play around in arcade mode for a few minutes, or take some time and delve into story mode and meet the Tavern's customers, you're in for an entertaining experience.

- ArloElm

Rarely have I encountered as felicitous a coincidence between a game’s theme and my ultimate feelings on it as I have with The Thick Table Tavern, a high-production-value fantasy bartending sim.

- Mike Russo

Ok, take two parts snarky, amusing characters, 2 parts crisp custom graphical presentation, one part grind and a dash of IF. Serve over ice with umbrella, and a sense of wanting more?

- JJ McC

I think it's definitely one of the cheeriest and best-produced IFComp games, and it clearly doesn't rely on its production values only. It's a game about friendship and goals that doesn't get mushy.

- Andrew Schultz

The game includes animated text and background (can be toggled off). Further content warnings: mention and use of alcohol, mention of violence, lewd language and swearing.

While the game is in a complete and playable form, it does not currently include all planned content. The missing storylets will be added in the future.