Involvement in the IF Community


The NeoInteractives collective is a hub created by myself, Autumn Chen, Lapin Lunaire Games, and Sophia de Augustine, to foster the exchange of ideas and game creation though a multitude of unranked game jams. The jams are open to all, regardless of language, coding program, or IF type.

The collective was announced and opened in July 2023.


Interact-IF started as a directory to build a stronger IF community on Tumblr. Its activities ranges from promoting IF projects, sharing coding and writing resources, creating recommendation lists, helping its memebers find specific works, and organising events promoting diversity in IF.

The directory was created in April 2021. I joined the mod team in March 2022.


Started in the early noughties, IFiction-FR is an IF community targetted to Francophone users and creations. Throughout the year, the community organises its annual competition and smaller games jams. On their website, they will publish bi-monthly articles gathering IF news, coding tutorials, or about other IF-related topics.

Along with participating in some of their events, and winning the 2023 French Comp, I have contributed a few articles.

Write Club

The Write Club is a small Discord Community of writers, first set up late 2022 by a group of IF creators to motivate each other, share advice and resources, as well as provide feedback. While most members are working on IF projects, the community is open to all types of writers.

I became a mod shortly after the discord creation.