Below are projects in different stages of progress, each with some sort of playable demo.

The projects are ordered alphabetically.

Crimson Rose & White Lily (2021-) ~ On Hiatus

Will you discover how you got here?

Waking up in a strange place, among strangers, and without any memory, you must learn to navigate this new world, its inhabitants, and its intrigues... and maybe find friends along the way.

Crimson Rose & White Lily is an ongoing interactive court intrique story, taking inspiration from the Victorian Era and the 18th century French Court. It currently counts 4 Chapters.


Exquisite Cadaver (2021-) ~ On Hiatus

A Surrealist Interactive Game!

Set in the 1920s in Paris, three artists share some drinks, gossip, and an afternoon, trying out a new game: the exquisite cadaver.

Exquisite Cadaver is a surrealist interactive game, whose gameplay is based on the French game 'cadavre exquis', a creative game where players build a sentence word by word, unaware of the others' addition. The demo includes 1/3rd of the final game.


The FIA Series (2024-) ~ Planning

Basic mini-parsers!

This project only just started development.

The FIA Series is an ongoing series following a little fixing appliance, in parser mode. The goal of this series is to create short parser games with simple commands and puzzles to introduce new players to the genre.


P-Rix - Space Trucker (2022-) ~ On Hiatus

Braving through dangerous star systems for a paycheck...

Play as the eponymous P-Rix, a space trucker on a mission to deliver a strange cargo to an as-mysterious Mr. E. Unfortunately for him, the voyage won't be as simple as he had planned...

P-Rix - Space Trucker is an ongoing slice-of-life interactive game sert in deep space, created for the Two-Button Jam and the Twine Sci-Fi Jam. The demo currently comprises of the introduction.


The Rye in the Dark City (2023-) ~ On Hiatus

The messiest case to ever cross your desk!

Follows Detective Rye, a down-on-the-luck P.I., encountering a very peculiar case. Will you discover the truth?

The Rye in the Dark City is an ongoing noir mystery interactive game created for the SeedComp! . The demo currently only includes the first Act.


The Trials and Tribulations of Edward Harcourt (2022-) ~ In Development

It all started with a letter...

Invited to Castle Gairbuie by an old but never forgotten acquaintance, the titular Edward Harcourt, you are thrust into a strange and dangerous mystery...

The Trials and Tribulations of Edward Harcourt iis an ongoing lovecraftian horror interactive story, and a collaborative effort between writer MelS and myself. The game should reach its end by the second half of 2024.


There is currently no special update schedule for these projects. Any update is announced at least a week in advance on, or my blog.