Below are games currently in a completed and fully playable form.

The games are ordered alphabetically.

Collision (2023)

Open your Eyes, and Do Something... Anything...

Strange designs over your body, fingers attached to a wheel, and a vehicle approaching fast. An imminent crash. Will you manage to make it out alive?

Collision is a short horror interactive games created for the Neo Twiny Jam, with a total word cound under 300 words.


DOL-OS (2023)

Will you find the truth inside this old computer?

Year 3XXX. In some ruins, you’ve found an old computer, one of those antique pieces you’d see in museums. Strangely, the device still powers up when you press its buttons. Wonder what you could find within its files?

DOL-OS is a sci-fi interactive game, the winning entry of the 2023 edition of the Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone, and awarded Oustanding French Game at the IFDB Awards.


Entre-d’œufs coquilles (2023)

Translation: An Eggcellent Preparation

How will you rise up to the occasion?

Clio, the pretty milkmaid had been organising a special day for the past weeks, one to celebrate the anniversary of your first date. But you won't arrive empty handed...

Entre-d’œufs coquilles is a short slice-of-life parser, a first proper try into the genre, created for La Sens Dessus Dessous and the 2023 Edition of the Text Adventure Literacy Jam


Goncharov Escapes! (2022)

Time waits for no one...

When a meeting with the local Don goes haywire, throwing out your well crafted plan, you are forced into a car chase to save your... well, Goncharov's life.

Goncharov Escapes is a short car-chase interactive game, created for the One-Button Jam and the Goncharov Jam, using a Quick-Time-Events mecanic.


La Petite Mort (2022)

Explore the house and find the truth?

Help Suzette, an eight year old, getting ready to meet her peculiar grandmother for an outing that afternoon at her as-peculiar job.

La Petite Mort is a short slice-of-life interactive puzzle first created under 4h for the 2022 French Edition of the EctoComp, winning first place.


Les lettres du Docteur Jeangille (2024)

When mundane actions have great consequences...

Forced to settle in the quiet village of Meaux, the life of Doctor Jeangille falls into turmoils. Exchanging with Olympia, the lover, this recluse person comes to life, entangled in peculiar and mysterious events...

Les lettres du Docteur Jeangille is an epistolary interactive game created for the 2024 edition of the Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone, and was translated into English for the following SpringThing.


Meeting the Parents (2021)

Will you light a fire in the Sparks' heart?

Among the important milestones of a relationship, meeting your partner's family for the first time might be the most stressful. Will your manners be up to par? Or will you make a fool of yourself?

Meeting the Parents is a slice-of-life interactive story, and my first attempt at creating an Interactive Fiction game.


Not Another Sad Meal (2024)

Cursed? Healthy? Fancy? Which dish will you make?

After a difficult breakup, and a long night of drinking, you decide to take your life back and put things back in order. Starting with a simple meal. Treat yourself!

Not Another Sad Meal is a short slice-of-life cooking simulator in a parser form, made in Adventuron for the Recipe Jam and the SeedComp!.


(not so) strangers in the night (2024)

What could go wrong with pretending to be strangers... ?

Zach and Irene decide to play a little game tonight. Will they break the rules?

(not so) strangers in the night is a short slice-of-life interactive game made for the ShuffleComp, the SeedComp! and the Zach Jam, using POV switches to tell the story.

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SPS Iron Hammer (2022)

Welcome on board!

Your content life aboard the SPS Iron Hammer is disrupted with the awakening of a new crew member, and his erratic behaviour. A worrysome truth plagues you: the young man is the only person remembering his life prior to his arrival

SPS Iron Hammer is a short sci-fi mystery interactive story set aboard the titular spaceship, and was created for the 2022 Ranked Edition of the Interact-IF Game Jam.


Teatime with a Vampire (2024)

Will you take the hand and play along?

Eir life is slipping away. Ey is forever stuck on this couch, flipping through the channels. But Alex's life will never be the same after tonight. A chance encounter, or a surreal experience, will push em to have tea with a particular vampire... Or will ey?

Teatime with a Vampire is a horror/surreal interactive game make in Twine for the Smoochie Jam and the Queer Vampire Jam.


The Roads Not Taken (2023)

The Ritual awaits...

Are you ready to make your choice? The one that will shape the rest of your life? Or will regret the roads not taken?

The Roads Not Taken is a sci-fi parser game created in Twine for the 2023 Edition of the Spring Thing.


The Thick Table Tavern (2022)

Mix some drinks, talk to patrons, collect coins!

Become a bartender to fund your dreams, serving the Thick Table tavern's patrons, and maybe change their lives...

The Thick Table Tavern is a fantasy slice-of-life interactive bartending game, made in Twine for the 2022 Edition of the IFComp


These projects may receive updates, for bug fixes, translations or complete re-haul. These changes would be announced on my blog and itch page.